About Swift

Swift specializes in working with high-growth companies in niche industries that have reached the upper limit of what they accomplish using their in-house information systems and manual processes.

Swift partners with companies to implement enterprise-grade custom process automation using data transformation, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Founded by Alex Irwin in 2023, Swift leverages years of experience in building, scaling, and aiding companies in their growth and transformation journey. Swift operates through a network of skilled experts specializing in process analysis, business process automation, agile methodologies, software implementation, and process risk optimization.

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The Swift Mission Statement

"To create a consultancy that specializes in building systems and processes that fuel innovation and growth, leveraging data, design thinking, and technology to create impactful value for clients."

A Typical Engagement

Each business is unique and the Swift Transformation Process is designed to work for all manner of businesses - regardless of sector or structure. The main goal of our system is to unlock potential and allow teams to focus on tasks that build value, automating process work that is tedious for humans, succeptible to human error, or inefficient for humans to perform at scale.

The Swift Transformation Process


What is it like to work with Swift?

As a business partner, we believe that your best success comes from having Swift's outcomes tied directly to your business goals.

To ensure we have strategic alignment, we are open to exploring various partnership models, including equity-based compensation. We understand that not all companies have the same financial resources, and we're committed to finding creative solutions that work for both parties. If you're a founder looking to partner with us in exchange for an equity stake in your company, we'd love to discuss the possibilities with you. Get in touch to learn more.

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